Hurricane Plan

Association Hurricane Plan

Association Hurricane Plan

When the National Hurricane Center issues a Hurricane Watch for our area our plan is to move all the pool furniture, garbage & recyling bins, hoses and any other loose items into the Clubhouse and then install the hurricane shutters. Please contact the board member responsible for the Clubhouse with offers to help.

The Clubhouse, Pool and Spa will then be closed until after the storm.

When a Hurricane Watch is issued, Lake Worth Drainage District may reduce the water level in the canal. Low water in the canal could result in burning out the pumps that draw canal water into our irrigation ponds. As a precaution the irrigation system will be shut off until after the storm and only turned back on once any damage to pipes and wiring caused by uprooted trees has been repaired.

After the storm, the board of directors will meet and prepare a cleanup plan if necessary.

Hurricane Irma – September 10, 2017
The board met with Above All Landscape Maintenance, Inc. at 2:15 pm on September 19 (prior to the board meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm) to review the cleanup progress.
-Fallen debris has been cleared from the front and rear of properties and stacked in piles for pick up by the county or FEMA. As yet it is uncertain which agency will pick up or when.
-Broken tree limbs will be removed and stacked in piles on Camino Real. Fallen trees will be cut into manageable pieces and stacked in piles on Camino Real.
-We do not have a time frame for pick up by the county or FEMA yet. (After the meeting we learned that FEMA have contracted with the county for pickup and the county plan given to the state governor is that all debris will be cleared within 60 days.)
-If debris piled on Petaluma Drive is not picked up in timely manner, the board has the option to have Above All quote for the removal. 
Fallen trees may have broken irrigation pipes and/or control wires. West Boca Irrigation will check the irrigation system for damage before the pumps are reconnected.
Tree Trimming:
Normal tree trimming did not occur prior to the start of hurricane season 2017. Once dead branches are removed and cleanup is completed the board will obtain asessments and proposals for any additional trimming.

Hurricane Cleanup Plan

In the event that we have a storm, our first goal will be to clear the streets and driveways of all debris, limbs, fallen trees etc. This will allow access for all emergency vehicles and cars.

Our plan is as follows:

-Our goal is to work alongside your Board of Directors to get through a storm clean up as soon as possible.
-When it is safe to drive on the streets, we will deploy all our crews.
-A crew will arrive on your property with all necessary equipment to remove all debris from driveways and roads. The landscape debris will be piled and stacked in locations out of the way of roadways and drives. 
-Once all our communities are accessible, we will then work with all the local, state and federal agencies to begin the removal of the debris. Based on our past experience FEMA has created dumping areas and picked up debris. 
-After making the roads and drive accessible our first line of work we will be to straighten and stake trees along with detailed clean up of the property. Depending on the damage to the landscape, it may take time to get your property to the point we can cut and trim hedges. We may miss a cut or trim cycle. Be patient, we will get back on schedule.After the cleanup phase, then the assessment of landscape renovation begins. We know from past storms that this is a very stressful time and people tend to get a little anxious. Please, Please, Please be a little patient and know that we will be working hard and long to get your community back in shape as fast as possible. We will focus on the worst areas first and work our way to each area that needs attention. 
-Finally, time fixes most everything in landscape. Once we have straightened trees, replanted plants, removed and replaced all the damaged landscape, and fertilize you can expect your landscapes to begin to look normal again. 
Hurricane InformationUp-to-date information is provided by the 
National Hurricane Center.
Official website of the Department of Homeland Security – Hurricanes 
This webpage explains what actions to take when you receive a hurricane watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area. It also provides tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane.

 Official website of the Department of Homeland Security – Floods 
This webpage explains what actions to take when you receive a flood watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area and what to do before, during, and after a flood.