Architectural review

The Declaration of Restrictions require the Board of Directors to select three members of the Association to serve as the Architectural Committee. The Architectural Committee is expected to consult the Board prior to approving an unprecedented major exterior change or alteration to any home in Camino Woods II.
The purpose of the Architectural Committee is to ensure that any change requested by a homeowner to the appearance of their property or lot in Camino Woods II:

1) Does not adversely effect other properties, lots or the common areas of our community,
2) Does not cause an increase in expenditure funded by the monthly maintenance fees,
3) Is not in conflict with the Declaration of Restrictions, By-Laws, Rules or Guidelines of the Association.

No exterior addition, change or alteration to any home or landscape, including new planting of trees and bushes, should be implemented without written approval from the Architectural Committee. Approval should be requested by submitting a Request for Architectural Committee Review Form to a member of the Architectural Committee. The Board of Directors has approved a Standard Operating Procedure to clarify how the request forms should be processed.

The Architectural Committee currently has guidelines that govern the approval of requests for: back porch improvements, patio improvements, driveway improvements, replacement front doors, replacement garage doors, replacement windows, whole house generators, landscaping and trees, roof tiles, solar panels.
Examples of Approved Changes


The paint color for driveways should be a light color and coordinated with the house colors.
Here are some suggestions from the Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain palette:
811 White Cloud
832 Tanstone
836 New White
815 Pacific Fog
819 Catalina Stone
834 GrainA 

sample of the color chosen should be included with the Architectural Committee Review Form.
Both the Architectural Committee and the Board of Directors will look favorably on requests to plant additional trees that enhance the overall appearance of our community. There are a number of guides and websites (Example: South Florida Plant Guide that recommend trees suitable for planting in Palm Beach County. The Architectural Committee suggest that you check out the one on the left. Click on the image to view the range of small and medium trees you could consider planting. You might also consider palm trees such as the Bismark, Foxtail, Sabal or Thatch.
The following non-native problem trees are prohibited in some municipalities. They can be invasive, damage sidewalks, structures, or utilities, or maybe extremely messy. 

They are NOT approved for planting in Camino Woods II.
Australian Pine
Brazilian Pepper
Chinese Tallow Tree
Chinese Tallow
Cork Tree
Ear Tree
Earleaf Acacia
Golden Rain
Java Plum
Non-native Ficus
Norfolk Island Pine
Silk Oak
Tree Bamboo
Woman’s Tongue Tree

And any citrus tree 
(We are in an area effected by citrus canker.)
The planting of invasive species such as the oyster plant (aka Moses in his cradle) whilst not prohibited is to be discouraged.
Roof Tiles
To those homeowners who are planning to replace their existing roofs, please note that at the monthly Board of Directors meeting on Oct. 14, 1997 the following was voted on and unanimously adopted:

1) The Board of Directors has approved and recommended the use of a smooth surface tile (same profile of the existing); the smooth surface tile will not show the soil, fungus as the present tiles do.
2) The color of the new tile is to be impregnated into the new tile when it is manufactured. The colors must match the present existing tile color, or that approved by the ARC.
3) All the above items must be approved by the Board and/or Architectural committee prior to proceeding with the work, for the selection of roof tile colors.

Solar Panels

If you wish to install solar panels, your request should specify they will be placed on flat roof of the back porch. A request to install solar panels on the tiled roof will NOT be approved by the Architectural Committee nor the Board of Directors.