Regular Board Meetings

2nd Tuesday of the Month, at 7:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse

  • Call to order / Establish quorum
  • Minutes of the previous meeting
  • Committee Reports:
    • Architectural Review
    • Landscape
    • Clubhouse, Pool and Spa
    • CrimeWatch
    • Irrigation and Ponds
    • Crime Watch
    • Website
    • Trees
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Residents' input
  • Adjourn Regular Board Meeting

Lawn Service for December

Basic Service - mowing, edging and trimming: 4th

Cut all lawn areas - edge all roadways, walks and beds - remove any debris caused by maintenance - blow off all sidewalk and street areas.

Flower bed maintenance and hedge trimming: 19th


Trim all hedges - weed and rake all beds - remove debris from beds - maintain beds around trees - remove suckers from trees up to seven feet - trim all perimeter hedges.

Please contact Jennifer Orseno to report a problem with the lawn service.


* Spray for Weeds & Fertilize 12/11/23 *


* Fertilize Turf 12/29/23 *

Irrigation Schedule

South (Even addresses): Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
North (Odd addresses): Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Please contact Daniel Crocker to report a problem with the sprinklers.

Solid Waste Schedule

Monday: Trash & Recycling

Thursday: Trash & Bulk waste & Landscaping waste

Please contact for replacement bins, or details on waste limits.

Mailbox Repair


The company that originally supplied our mailboxes is out of business but some homeowners have found that South Florida Mailbox have made acceptable repairs.

New Xfinity TV Contract


The new contract will commence Auust 1st, 2018 and a letter from Comcast has been sent to every resident.

Breaking The Zika Virus Cycle

Broward County has produced a flyer on how to: "Prepare your home to protect yourself from zika virus-infected mosquitos".

Click here to see the flyer.

Additional information on the Broward County STREETS webpage.

Florida Do Not Call List

As of July 1, 2013 the rules have changed. Read more...

Boca Del Mar Citizen Observer Patrol

Boca Del Mar resident Tony Klein has volunteered to reorganize the Citizen Observer Patrol and is currently seeking volunteers who meet the following requirements:

  1. Are able to patrol the community at least 3 hours per week.
  2. Have no DUI Arrests.
  3. Have no Criminal Record.
  4. Are able to complete a 12 hour field training course.
If you are interested please contact:
Tony Klein at (561) 866-0742 or the Boca Del Mar office at (561) 368-1503


Raccoons have been observed in our development breaking open plastic sacks in search of food. Please place garbage for collection in garbage cans.

Local Gas Prices

Find out which gas stations have the lowest and highest prices in the area.
The web site is updated every evening.
Click here and enter your zip code.


Click on the picture to watch the video of them playing in our west lake.


Boca Raton Community Hospital
(561) 395-7100

Florida Power and Light
(561) 994-8227
    to report a Power Outage
    (800) 468-8243

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
(561) 688-3400

Southern Waste Systems
(561) 697-2700
Holiday Schedule
SWS Service Brochure