Mizner Trail Golf Course


How the development plan directly effects Camino Woods II homeowners on the south side of Petaluma Drive.

June 2014

Thursday June 26, 2014: PBC Commissioners Board Meeting

The Board of County Commissioners voted today 5-2 to APPROVE the development application to build 255 units on the Mizner Trail Golf Course. After nine years, three development applications, numerous postponements, a Circuit Court ruling, the BCC has reversed previous decisions to oppose development.

Options will be considered but for now,everyone that showed up, should be congratulated for participating in this process, and for speaking with passion, about your community. We can all be proud of ourselves, although disappointed in our government for its failure to listen.

One way we show these elected Palm Beach County Commissioners that we object to their decision is to take our loss, and utilize our expertise to provide empathy and support for other communities like ours that are also battling this County, that seems to have lost their way. Other group like No Minto, Ag Reserve, Century Village and others. We will provide you updates on how to get involved.

If you would like to send an email to the only two Commissioners that supported us send it to Steve Avrams and Jess Santamaria.

Watch the rebroadcast at 6 P.M. Channel 20

Thursday June 12, 2014: Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Update

Association Boards asked to vote on a motion to oppose the development.    More...

Tuesday June 10, 2014: Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Special Monthly Meeting

The B.D.M.I.A. will be holding its regular monthly meeting at a larger location to discuss Mizner Trail and the critical June 26th hearing. At that meeting a current update will be provided, and all Boca Del Mar Residents will be provided an opportunity to address the board. Note: BDMIA meetings are for B.D.M. members only and invited guests.    More...

Location: Veranda Club 6061 Palmetto Circle North Boca Raton, FL 33433 7 P.M.

May 2014

May 19: Mizner Trail Development Application Update

The developer has reduced the previous plan to build on the Mizner Trail Golf Course from 288 to 255 units (see attached site plan). Due to the B.D.M.I.A.s attorney Peter Sachs's insistence, the plan has now rightfully been sent to back to DRO and is scheduled to be heard and voted on by the P.B. Board of County Commissioners on June 26, 2014.

The B.D.M.I.A. has stated it opposes the plan because it calls for building on fairways adjacent to existing homeowners.   More...

April 2014

April 17: Mizner Trail Development Application Update

On March 27th, the Board of County Commissioners instead of voting up or down on the agenda item to build 288 units on the Mizner Trail Golf Course, began a chaotic floor negotiation during deliberations that resulted in the developer agreeing to reduce the number of units by thirty and the BCC punted the issue back to the community and the BDMIA to meet and sort out (compromise?).

That meeting took place yesterday, with attendees from the P.B. Zoning Staff, Zoning Directors, the County attorney, the developer, their land planner and attorney, members of the BDMIA board, their attorney Peter Sachs & Andre Parks, and members of Patios Del Mar II who hired attorney Ralph Brookes to represent them at the March 27th hearing. (about 20 people).   More...

March 2014

March 27th: Commissioners Vote To Postpone Mizner Trail Development Application Decision 90 Days - Again

Peter Sachs, the BDMIA attorney, and the hired Land Planner, clearly demonstrated the "significant" changes, the applicant and zoning staff cited which resulted in their recommendation change from disapproval to approval, were merely "smoke & mirrors" that in fact they, the only change in the buffers was semantics, the buildings didn't move an inch. By changing the units from zero lot line to condo, the same buffer was just redefined the space between existing and the proposed buildings was still the same.

Once again, as they did in January, the County kicked it back to community to figure this out, and requested that the parties compromise.     More...

March 11th: Compson Development Rejects BDMIA Proposal

With no counter offer, and no further meetings requested, Compson Development Corporation rejected B.D.M.I.A.'s compromise proposal outright.

The proposal was to build along Military Trail, adjacent to apartment complexes and on the golf course's clubhouse parking lot. This would have preserved the view of ALL homeowners, and would have taken the balance of the property out of private ownership once and for all ending any possibility of development on over 80% of the fairways. The plan respected the expectations of ALL home owners to open space and open views, based on the promise of the master plan.     More...

March 3rd: B.D.M.I.A. Update

After nearly a full day of testimony and comments by the public, Compson Development requested a postponement at the previous Board of County Commissioners hearing so they could in the 11th hour, continue to work with Zoning in their effort to receive the Zoning Staff's recommendation of approval of their plan to build 288 units on the fairways. County Commissioners urged the community and B.D.M.I.A. meet with the developer to determine if their is the potential for an amiable solution.

The B.D.M.I.A. requested for any discussions or meetings to take place Compson Development cut the overgrown grass on the fairways which they have allowed to go fallow for nine years. Commissioner Abrams supported that request.

Through its attorney's Sachs, Sax and Caplan, the B.D.M.I.A. suggested Compson Development withdraw their current development application for 288 units which directly impacts homeowners along several fairways and suggested a much scaled down version of 202 units which would not have a direct adverse impact on any owners views by building adjacent to rental units, along Military Trail and on their current parking lot at the closed clubhouse.

The balance of the property would be removed from private ownership so that their could be no future attempt to build on the remaining open space. After due diligence, the B.D.M.I.A. would be prepared to accept responsibility for maintaining the balance of the property to an improved state in any such arrangement.

B.D.M.I.A. stated that for any plan to be successful it would need the support of the members, the Coronado Community, not directly impede or impact any Community such as the Greens, and any environmental concerns would need to be addressed and satisfied.

Additionally, the B.D.M.I.A. offered to purchase the golf course in its entirety for one million dollars which was the sale price of Via Mizner Trail (the North Course), an operating and functioning golf course, subject to member approval.

To date, there has no been no positive response from Compson Development, no counter offer was suggested, and no further meetings are scheduled at this time.

Sun Sentinel Article

Mizner Trail Propeties ask for support for their development proposal.

January 2014

January 10th Mizner Trail Hearing Result    More...

January 9th Board of County Commission Hearing: 9:30 AM    More...

December 2, 2013 - BDMIA Offers Alternative to Development

On Monday, December 2nd, Sachs Sax Caplan attorneys, Peter Sachs and Andre Parke, representing BDMIA, along with a design team from the Environmental Engineering Firm of CGA, presented our Association's alternative development proposal to the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Parks District as an agenda item at their monthly board meeting.

Press Release      Conceptual Site Plan

United Boca Del Mar Updates - December 2013

  1. Dec. 14:Sun Sentinel article - Golf course land to become Tamarac park    More...
  2. Dec. 6: Zoning Board Votes 5-4 to Approve Development   More...
  3. Dec. 2: Zoning Staff Recommends for DENIAL of the Application to Build 288 units on Mizner Trail    More...
    • Use this questionaire to register your opposition to build 288 units with the Zoning Commission

United Boca Del Mar Updates - November 2013

  1. Notify the Zoning Commission of your opposition to the development    More...
  2. Certified Zoning Letters Arriving    More...
    • Zoning Questionaire    More...
  3. Request to email the Zoning Commissioners    More...
  4. The application has been certified - "Its time for action"    More...
  5. Email blast campaign starts now! - Your immediate action is requested    More...
  6. Support us on Twitter    More...
  7. Golf Course Development Fight Prompts Push For New Law    Sun Sentinel

United Boca Del Mar Update - 24 September 2013

Newsletter, including information about:

  1. Developer Again Fails To Obtain Zoning Certification
  2. Developer Has Hired PR Firm
  3. More Petition Signatures Needed
  4. B.D.M.I.A. Accepting Nominations For 2014 Board of Directors

Click here for more information.

United Boca Del Mar Update - 26 August 2013

Newsletter with information about:

  1. Mizner Trail Petition Drive
  2. Boca Point Development Application
  3. August 20, 2013 Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Meeting
  4. Citizens Observer Program Needs YOU!

Click here for more information.

United Boca Del Mar Launches New Website - August 2013

The community coalition organized to oppose development and work towards a solution, has launched its new website.

Click here for more information.

Letter from Allan Greenberg, President of Wind Drift HOA - July 2013

This letter has been sent to you to clear up the facts of the proposed "rezoning" of the golf course. Please read the letter below and inform your owners of its contents.

Click here to read the letter.

Re: DOA 2013-01057 Third Application In Nine Years To Build on The Mizner Trail Golf Course

The proposed application was not certified at the June 12, 2013 meeting, as the applicant is still working to address Staff’s comments and issues. The applicant submitted a revised Traffic Study on June 24th, 2013, and is still working on Staff’s other comments and issues. The application will not be certified at the July 10, 2013 DRO meeting. The next resubmittal date is July 29, 2013, for possible certification at the August 14, 2013 DRO meeting, if all issues are addressed. (See Zoning attachment)

If the application is certified at the August 14th DRO meeting, the application will be considered at by the Zoning Commission for their recommendation October 3, 2013, and by the Board of County Commissioners October 24, 2013.

NOTE: (If the application is certified by Zoning Staff that does not mean they recommend for its approval, it only means that it meets the minimum standard to be sent to the next review step which is the County Zoning Board and ultimately again by the Board of County Commissioners. The zoning staff has twice before certified the application but recommended for its denial.)

In 2005, Zoning Staff made the unprecedented recommendation for denial with "No Conditions of Approval" of the first development application, stating in their report;

"Staff regards the conversion of the integral master plan component from an open space format to a developed state to conflict with the original design concept of Boca Del Mar and neglects the long standing promise to property owners of a comprehensive and holistic open space element, compromises the integrity of the master plan program, and challenges the intended stability behind the concept of a master planned community."
Eric McClellum, Palm Beach County Site Planner, 2005

B.D.M.I.A. Board Meeting - June 17, 2013

The following motion was approved 6-0 at the BDMIA June 17th Special Meeting;

Boca Del Mar Improvement Association, Inc. opposes the Proposed Mizner Trail Golf Course construction and reconfiguration, including but not limited to the proposed density, siting, and common area and water management changes. Consistent with the Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation Act, the Association's president, vice-president, and Association counsel are: authorized to communicate to Palm Beach County the Association's position and opposition; and, to authorize expenditures for professionals to assist the Association's opposition, not to exceed $25,000.00.

We are hopeful this is a strong indication that the new BDMIA board is prepared to provide leadership regarding this issue and work towards a positive resolution of this ordeal that this community has been subjected to for nearly a decade.

Maintenance Codes and Violations

There is also an effort to request the County once again create more stringent zoning maintenance codes that would require the entire closed golf course be maintained, not just the 25 foot area adjacent to our property lines which were recently changed from 18" allowable grass to height down to 7". If the grass on the golf course is greater then 7" or there are downed palm frons or tree branches within 25 feet of your property line, please file a code violation complaint at: pzbcode@pbcgov.com Please DO NOT file a complaint unless it exceeds the code. If you are not sure, email us, and we will inspect it and advise you.

United Boca Del Mar's Commitment

United Boca Del Mar is committed to defending every homeowner from development adjacent to their property. We will not throw any neighbor, association or homeowner under the bus to protect other neighbors from development. No home owner should see their open views changed to roads, parking lots and townhouses.

Judge Gerber's Opinion

"This court further determines that the master plan's designation of the south course (Mizner Trail) as a "golf course" is an enforceable zoning regulation which Mizner must follow...The County presented testimony that the master plan required the purchaser to maintain the golf course as a "golf course" with no residential units assigned to it and no other development or alteration permitted."

Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge
Jonathan Gerber
August 18, 2008

Final Judgment / Decision Page Twenty-seven

June 2013 Site Plan

Site Plan

B.D.M.I.A. Board Meeting scheduled for June 17 to determine the board's position.

Click here for more information.

Letter from United Boca Del Mar

May 2013

The Second Coalition Against Mizner Development (S.C.A.M.D.) has been renamed United Boca Del Mar.

Letter to Boca Del Mar Residents

April 2013

Unsigned letter to Residents of Boca Del Mar Planned Unit Development.

Return address: Mizner Trail Golf Club, Ltd., 36 SE 3rd St., Boca Raton, FL 33432

Sun Sentinel: More homes proposed on Mizner Trail golf course

Century Village Golf Course (Haverhill Road and Okeechobee Boulevard) - Press Articles

NEWS Channel 5: Commissioners approve plan to transform golf course into shops

Sun Sentinel: Commissioners approve developing Century Village golf course

Palm Beach Post: Tie vote on proposed golf redevelopment means anxiety for Century Villagers

Actions by Palm Beach County

March 2013

Letter from the director of the Code Enforcement Division to Bliss Construction, LLC, giving notice of the county's intentions regarding code enforcement with regard to the maintenance of the Mizner Trail Golf Course.

Actions by Boca del mar Improvement Association (B.D.M.I.A.)

February 2013

Brian Coleman, a member of the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Board of Directors, addressed the Palm Beach County Commissioners during Matters By The Public, at the BCC Meeting on February 5, 2013. See Channel 20 On Demand at 2:11 P.M. followed by Commissioner Abrams response.

Letters from the Second Coalition Against Mizner Development (S.C.A.M.D.)

October, 2012

A report on the Special Meeting to change to the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Election By-Laws and an update regarding possible new development proposals for Mizner Trail Golf Course.

June, 2012

A report on the request to the County to take action regarding the code violations.

April 21, 2012

A report regarding the proposed changes to the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Election By-Laws.


Site Plan - Apr. 28, 2014

Site Plan - Jan. 30, 2014

Site Plan - May 2013