Association Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines for members selling their home

These guidelines are provided by the Board of Directors for members of the Association who are selling their homes. The Association will provide documents to the seller, as requested by them, to assist them at the closing.

"For Sale" and "Open House" signs my only be erected in accordance with the Association Rules and Regulations current at the time of the listing.

Signs may not be placed on Camino Real without prior permission, in writing, from the Boca Del Mar Improvement Association Board of Directors.

All prospective owners are required to meet with the Board of Directors prior to closing.

The main purpose of the meeting of the Board and prospective buyers is to ensure a common understanding of the Association Governing Documents:

It is suggested that the prospective buyer read them before entering into a signed contract.

At the end of the meeting, the Board will provide a Certificate of Approval to be presented to the Title Company at closing. (The document will not be notarized).

At the closing, it is the seller or their agent's responsibility to make sure that the buyer receives the single key that gives access to the Pool, Clubhouse and Bathrooms.

Should the Title Company require additional information or documents from the Association, please contact the Association Secretary and/or Treasurer to obtain them before the closing date.

Last reviewed by the Board of Directors: March 2017

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Extract from the Rules and Regulations.

12. Rules Regarding Sale of Property

  1. All prospective new owners are to be advised that this is an adult age 55+/no-Rental community and that they are required to meet with the Board of Directors prior to closing.
  2. All home owners are responsible to turn over such documents as the Homeowner's Rules and Regulations, By Laws and Declaration of Restrictions to a new owner, for their review, prior to their meeting with the Board of Directors. Failure to furnish the above listed documents will result in a charge for replacement documents.
  3. All keys to the Clubhouse, pool area gates and rest rooms are to be turned over to the new owner at the time of closing. Failure to do so will result in a charge for replacement keys.
  4. For Sale signs are not permitted on any common ground and may only be erected on the homeowner's lot if prior approval, in writing, is obtained from the Board of Directors. Once such permission is granted, Open House signs may be erected on the day of the open house but must be removed at the end of the day. Open House signs may only be displayed on the property of the resident selling the home and, in order to direct visitors to the open house, on the common ground at the intersection of San Miguel Way and Petaluma Drive.

FPL: "Plant the RIGHT TREE in the RIGHT PLACE"

Guidence from Florida Power and Light regarding tree planting.
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Procedure for requesting an Architectural Committee Review

This procedure was approved by the Board of Directors and recorded in the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held on Monday, February 13th, 2012.

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Service Specification

What the Board of Directors expects of Contractors who provide services in Camino Woods II.
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