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Committee Members

No committee at present.

The Board of Directors will handle matters relating to roofs.

2015 Color Schemes

Choice made by each homeowner


We are making some repairs around the front windows caused by water damage. We will need to paint the new trim and paint the patched walls. Could you please provide the description of the trim and wall paints for our home and the contact number of the supplier so I may buy the exact same paint?


  1. Refer to the choice made by each homeowner chart to detemine the scheme for your trim and walls.
  2. Click on the appropriate UCI Paint Codes for reordering shown above.
  3. Call UCI Paints (800) 273-1683 who will gladly deliver whatever is needed.

UCI Paints, "We do not charge for delivery; we just asked if you pay in advance for what you need and give us a couple of days for delivery although in most cases we delivered the next day."


The paint color for driveways should be a light color and coordinated with the house colors.
Here are some suggestions from the Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain palette:

  • 811 White Cloud
  • 832 Tanstone
  • 836 New White
  • 815 Pacific Fog
  • 819 Catalina Stone
  • 834 Grain

A sample of the color chosen should be included with the Architectural Committee Review Form.

Color Scheme Selection Display

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Board showing which color is approved for
stucco, trim, roof or accent.
Board showing the architectural features for which
an accent color is approved.

Specification and Contract

Letters to homeowners


Roof Cleaning 2015

Roof cleaning by
started Jan. 19, 2015
and took approximately
four weeks.
Foambrite did not meet our expectations regarding the ability for the roofs to stay clean for two years. After 15 months 4 roofs were re-cleaned. The deterioration in appearance of the other homes within the 2 year guarantee period was noticable but Foambrite failed to honor their contract.

Roof Cleaning 2017

Roof Cleaning 2019

Scheduled to start in April


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