Neighborhood Crime Watch


PBSO non-emergency telephone number: (561) 688-3400

Committee Members

  • John McKeon, Chairperson
  • Jean Goetz, PBSO Liaison
  • Karen Hill, Block Captain
  • Sharon Hershey, Block Captain

We are now an officially recognized Neighborhood Crime Watch Community. A "Crime Watch" sign has been posted at our entrance and you may also see more PBSO (Palm Beach Sheriff's Office) cruisers and COPS (Citizens On Patrol Security) cars passing through the neighborhood as a direct result of this important change in status.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office


PBSO Non-Emergency telephone number: (561) 688-3400
"If there are suspicious folks in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to call. We want to keep you safe."

Companies providing security services in our community

(800) 238-5519

(800) 445-0872

(800) 433-5058

(877) 338-3661

(877) 776-8328

(800) 321-7400

Click on an image to access the company's web site.

Boca Del Mar Citizen Observer Patrol

Boca Del Mar resident Tony Klein has volunteered to reorganize the Boca Del Mar Citizen Observer Patrol and is currently seeking volunteers who meet the following requirements:

  1. Are able to patrol the community at least 3 hours per week.
  2. Have no DUI Arrests.
  3. Have no Criminal Record.
  4. Are able to complete a 12 hour field training course.
If you are interested please contact:
Tony Klein at (561) 866-0742 or the Boca Del Mar office at (561) 368-1503